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Parking at The Pheasant 

Including: The Mews | The Alder Studio | The Willow Studio | The Little Pheasant Apartment | Cherry Tree Studio & Beech Tree Studio

The Pheasant is located between 2 parallel roads, Church Street and Bridgnorth Road. Please use TF12 5EL postcode for your sat nav, this will take you directly to our carpark. 

Parking Charges
£5.00 per 24 hour
£8.00 Per 48 hour

We do not charge our guests for more than 48 hours for any length single booking.

Please use the links below for card payment. 

The following links allow for easy step by step payment with our secure card service provider Square Up.

Parking Charges: 1 night/24 hours:       

Parking Charges: 2 nights or more 48 hours:

The Pheasant carpark provides 24 hour CCTV and sensor/ motion detect lighting. Our carpark accommodates up to 14 cars, with CCTV motion detect, recorded footage and human response between midnight and 6am, keeping your vehicles as safe as humanly possible. Whilst the Pheasant has never experienced any theft or damage to cars on our carpark in the 14 years of ownership, we can never guarantee this, but we do strive to keep this exceptional standard. 

Scan parking code for paid for parking 24 hour
Scan parking code for paid for parking 48 hour
The Pheasant Inn Car Park offers private safe parking for all guests and visitors
Please park with consideration for other guests. All accommodation is accessed from the Pheasant Carpark. 
Swing on a Star -
00:00 / 00:00

Do you need help?

In this area there is limited mobile phone coverage. When you get into signal call me on WhatsApp, Landline (I have emailed and/or messaged you today with all priority numbers for current guests ), alternatively email details below.

Please contact Laura Cannon 07976 424259, or contact below via the online contact form.

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