Directions to The Pheasant 

Including: The Mews, The Alder, The Studio, The Little Pheasant & Studio 5

The Pheasant is located between 2 parallel roads, Church Street and Bridgnorth Rd, the postcode TF12 5BX is the official address and will take you to Church Street, the front of the building, you need to access the carpark on the Bridgnorth Rd:
TF12 5EL will take you to the Pheasant carpark 
See google maps below... The bus stop indicated on the Map is on the edge of the carpark
Please park facing the barns. All accommodation is accessed from the Pheasant Carpark

The Mews is located in the Barns on the ground floor and pictured in Photo 3.

For all other units please walk across the terrace (Photo 6)

The Willow and The Alder are located on the first floor and accessed
via a plain white door see Photo 4

The Little Pheasant and Cherry Tree are located on the first floor and accessed via a white door with a large black casement surround see photo 5.
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Do you need help?

In this area there is limited mobile phone coverage. When you get into signal call me on WhatsApp, Landline (I have emailed or text you today), or email details below.
I live in the Gorge and have no mobile signal at home.

Please contact Laura Cannon 07976 424259, or contact below via the online contact form.